Made to Last - buero augenbluten

Made to Last is a project of buero augenbluten - agency for visual pleasure.
The agency was founded by Thomas Nussmüller in Graz in 2005 and since then has been with all kinds of design issues for clients in various areas.


Leather is a wonderful material. Its supple feel, its distinctive scent and the scratches it acquires over the years, each telling its own story – it’s fascinating. Leather has been an important part of our lives and wardrobes for many years.


Made to Last stands for simple and sturdy handcrafted leather goods. Our products are all made from undyed, vegetable-tanned cow leather. From the skin to the finished product, the leather is processed without any electrical tools using traditional saddlery techniques.

Life long.

All items are unique and will gradually develop their own individual personality with use.

Made to Last A lifetime of quality